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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Class of 2017 DGN Fine Arts Department Award Winners!

Congratulations to the 

Class of 2017 Fine Arts Department 
Award Winners!

Elise Cismesia - Outstanding Senior in Music
& National School Choral Award

Kyle Mitchell - Outstanding Senior in Visual Art

Timothy Berberich - National School Choral Award

Tatiana Jordan - Director's Award for Orchestra

Abigail Pfeiffer- Director's Award for Orchestra

Lauren O'Neill - National School Orchestra Award

Eirene Kowal - Semper Fidelis Award - Band

Zach McCoy - Semper Fidelis Award - Band

Daniel Brethauer - Woody Herman Jazz Award

Maria D'Ambrose - Patrick S. Gilmore Band Award

Matt McCoy - Louis Armstrong Jazz Award

Caleb Schmurr - John Philip Sousa Band Award

Makenna Tallon - Distinguished Artist: Ceramics

Mantas Motekaitis - Distinguished Artist: Computer Art

Abigail Blanchard - Distinguished Artist: Drawing

Ryan Martin - Distinguished Artist: Jewelry & Metalwork