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North High School endeavors to provide an enriching, vibrant, multidisciplinary environment for the study, creation, and presentation of the Fine Arts.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Hinsdale Center for the Arts Show

Congratulations to seven DGN visual artists who recently had works of art selected for display at the Hinsdale Center of the Arts.

  • Jessica Chika - Catch 
  • Kelly Egan - Discovering Gluttony (Award of Excellence Winner)
  • Amy Fatigato - One Woman Circus (Portfolio Award Winner)
  • William Leek - Oceans of Fire (Award of Excellence Winner)
  • Samantha MarstellerReborn (Award of Excellence Winner) 
  • Ansley McLeod - Beauty is the Beast
  • Kenzie Niestrom - Glass Attack

Friday, April 27, 2012


Could this become a new tradition at DGN?

Monday, April 23, 2012

'Lend Me a Tenor' Opens This Week!

DGN Theatre will present “Lend Me a Tenor” on Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28 (7 pm) and Sunday, April 29 (3 pm).  Tickets are $5 for students and $6 for adults, and will be available at the door.
 “Lend Me a Tenor” is an award-winning comedy by Ken Ludwig.  Set in September 1934, the general manager of the Vleveland Opera Company, Saunders, is preparing for the performance o the famous Tito Morelli.  But alas, through an odd turn of events, Tito turns out to be a no-show, and Saunders gives the part to his assistant, Max.  Max succeeds as Morelli, but suddenly the real Morelli shows up, and soon two Titos are running around in costume, along with two women in lingerie that believe they are with the real Tito Morelli.  It is a farce of hilarious proportions!

Cast members include Andy Krupin, Colleen Gorecki, Matt Brill, Martaza Kapasi, Arielle Evans, Sara Batchu, Alex Castelvecchi, and Connor Leigh.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

District 99 Visual Artists Honored at Fremd 4x5 Show

Thirteen visual art students from Downers Grove North and Downers Grove South High Schools were recently recognized with awards at the William Fremd High School 4x5 ArtShow.  “The show at Fremd is a unique opportunity for our students,” said North High Fine Arts Chairperson Brayer Teague. “Every piece of art submitted for juried exhibition must conform to the exact dimensions of four inches by five inches.  In some ways it constrains the artist, yet it also forces students to think very imaginatively about how they can best utilize the space available.”

South High Fine Arts Chairperson Glenn Williams reflected on the recent successes of District 99 visual art students.  “The awards garnered by students in our school district continue to show a commitment to artistic excellence.  We are very proud of these students, and their teachers who serve as exceptional creative mentors.”

This regional exhibit will display artwork from students of thirty-three high schools from the Chicago area.  There approximately 1,000 pieces created in the categories of drawing, painting, digital photography, film photography, relief, sculpture, computer generated imagery, printmaking and mixed media.  The Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony will be held at Wiliam Fremd High School on Wednesday, May 2nd, from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.  The exhibition is free and open to the public. 

Winning the coveted ‘Best of Show’ honor – presented to only one student of the nearly one-thousand participants – was DGN senior Siga Kisielius (North-Sculpture)

A ‘1st Place’ award went to Rebecca Ridderoff (North-Drawing). 

Capturing ‘2nd Place’ awards were Autumn Moberg (North-3D), Kenzie Niestrom (North-Relief) and Madeline Snyder (South-Drawing).

‘3rd Place’ honors were awarded to Chris Behnke (South-Relief).

‘Honorable Mention’ recognitions went to Bridget Bicek (South-Digital Photography), Kevin Brinkman (North-3D), Jessica Bronke (South-3D), Emma Brzezinski (North-3D), Jack McGrath (North-Drawing), Ansley McLeod (North-Painting), Autumn Moberg (North-Relief) and Bibi Tambik (South-Digital Photography).

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dancing Choirs

DGN Choirs welcomed back guest choreographer Mrs. Kim Scerine today as they began learning choreography for the upcoming Choral Showcase.   Music selections this year include Broadway songs we love!  The Choral Showcase will be presented on May 8th at 7 pm in the Clarence Johnson Auditorium.
The Freshman Choir learning their movement for "Dancing Queen," from Mama Mia!

DGN April Jazz Concert

Congratulations to the members of the Jazz Workshop, Jazz Lab Band, Percussion Ensemble, and Jazz Ensemble, for a terrific concert Tuesday night!  Each group demonstrated outstanding musicianship and command of literature.  

A special thank you to guest-artist Rex Richardson for inspiring our students, and our community.



Monday, April 09, 2012

Welcome Rex Richardson!

North High School's Fine Arts Department is pleased to welcome visiting artist in residence, Rex Richardson (trumpet).  Mr. Richardson is in the midst of a two-day artist residency where he is working with three jazz ensembles, and three concert bands at DGN.

Mr. Richardson will perform as a soloist on the Tuesday evening 'April Jazz Concert', which will be held at 7 pm in the Johnson Auditorium.  Admission is free and open to the public.

Rex Richardson is a Yamaha Performing Artist, and his appearance is generously supported by the Yamaha Corporation of American, as well as the DGN Music Boosters.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

2012 D99/WPL Art Exhibition

Opening on Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at the Woodridge Public Library, more than 100 student artists from North and South High Schools in Downers Grove collaborated with the Woodridge Public Library to create a breathtaking exhibit of student art work.

The visual art teams at DGN and DGS believe that finding a public venue to showcase student work is an essential element of a strong visual art program.  The collaboration between North, South and the Village of Woodridge is producing fabulous benefits for students, and, for the community at large.

In 2008, a joint committee comprised of members from schools, park districts, and government agencies on which Susan McNeil-Marshall , WPL Administrator, and Dr. Mark McDonald were members was convened. The purpose of this committee was to generate inter-agency cooperation within our community.

This committee met and serendipitously brainstormed the idea of a combined art show at the same time that the Woodridge/Great Frame Up store could no longer sponsor a spring show for both campuses.  The staff and students of District 99 extend a special hanks to Suzyn Mills for sponsoring a North and South Creative Self Expression Great Frame Up Show for nearly a decade.  Suzyn's dedication to student artists in District 99 has been phenomenal.

The show runs until April 23rd, and is available for public viewing during the normal operating hours of the Woodrige Public Library.

Additionally, each campus submitted eight pieces in multiple media categories.  The student work was then evaluated and ranked, producing a 3D best in show, a 2D best in show, and a top winner in each category.  The staff of teachers at South and North High Schools is proud to acknowledge these category award winners in the 2012 D99/WPL Art Show:

3D Best in Show
Emma Brzezinski – North
Kate McCann – South

Creative Self-Expression” 2D Best in Show
Barbara Armstrong – North
Danielle Bonczkowski – South

Amanda Papp - North
Nick Herrara – South

Computer Art
Ellyn Cullotto – North
Jimmy Jagen - South

Insiya Mansoor - South

Jackie McGrath – North
Maddie Snyder – South

Julie McNeil – North
Bret Brugh - South

Ansley McLeod – North
Paige Miller - South

Morgan Sandacz – North
Hayley Gomoll - South

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

D99/WPL Art Showing Opening

The District 99 Visual Art team cordially invites you to attend the D99/WPL Art Showing opening, held tonight, April 4, from 6-8 PM at the Woodridge Public Library.  Nearly 100 works, created by students from both North and South, are viewable in this public exbition.  A brief ceremony acknowleding media category award winners and a 2D and 3D "Best in Show" from each campus will occur at 7 PM.  The show will remain in exhibition until April 23rd, 2012.  The show is viewable during normal operating hours for the Woodridge Public Library.