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Monday, March 21, 2011

Exchange with Wayszata High School

North High welcomed the Wayszata High School Wind Ensemble (Plymouth, MN - suburb of Minneapolis) to campus today for an 'Exchange Concert' with the DGN Wind Ensemble.  Under the baton of conductor & teacher Dr. Donal Krubsack, the students from Wayszata performed beautifully.  The band's balance, blend, and intonation - not to mention their technical facility - were inspiring.  The members of the DGN Wind Ensemble also performed with excellence as Mr. Miller led the group in a performance of Richard Salva's 'Baicatu.'

Our thanks goes out to the WHS Wind Ensemble for stopping at DGN on their way home from their Chicago tour.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Band Concert

Congratulations to the members of the Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, as well as senior soloists Marie Kirkegaard and Isaac Stevenson on a wonderful Spring Band Concert.

A special thank you to Dr. Matthew Mailman for guest conducting the bands tonight and for sharing his musical insight with our students this week.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guest Conductor - Dr. Matthew Mailman

Dr. Matthew Mailman, Professor of Conducting at the Wanda Bass School of Music of Oklahoma City University, was on campus today working with all of our band students in preparation for tomorrow night's Spring Band Concert. After school, Dr. Mailman led a session exploring the art of conducting.

Thursday night Dr. Mailman will guest conduct each of the DGN concert bands, including a performance of his father's (Martin Mailman) famous composition "Liturgical Music For Band" (1967).

Thursday, March 10, 2011

District 99 Spring Orchestra Concert

Congratulations to the members of the District 99 Orchestra for an outstanding concert this evening. Both the Concert Orchestra and Symphonic Orchestra played challenging repertoire with elegance and grace. Special "shout out" to senior soloists Erin Portman, Zara Kisielius and Lauren DePaz for their stunning culminating musical experiences manifested in their solo performances this evening. The concert concluded with a rousing rendition of the 2011 IMEA required piece, Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg Overture by Wagner. Great job District 99 Orchestra!!!!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Summer Music Camps Resource List

We have recently created a 'resource list' for families who are interested in pursuing a Summer Music Camp experience for their children.  This list is, by no means, an exhaustive list.  It includes the names and background information from some of the camps most frequented by District 99 students over the past twenty years.

Our Summer Music Camp Resource List is posted here.

DGN Music Booster Summer Music Camp scholarship application information may be found here.

Rain Barrels - DGN Artists Share Creative Talents To Benefit Display & Auction

DGN artists have been working with DGN art faculty to paint six large rain barrels that will be a part of a display and auction to benefit the community.

In an effort to promote water conservation, five not-for-profit organizations working in collaboration with the Downers Grove Economic Development Corporation, Downers Grove Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Downtown Downers Grove Management Corporation have partnered to make rain barrels available to residents and businesses.

In addition to the rain barrel sales, local organizations and businesses around the community will be sponsoring a painted rain barrel. The sponsored rain barrels will be on display April 15 through June 1 and will be auctioned off at 10:30 a.m. on June 4, 2011 at the Downtown Downers Grove Market.

Proceeds from the auction will be distributed to the local YMCA. For more information, please follow the following link:

D99 Orchestra to perform Concert - March 10

The District 99 Orchestra rehearsed on stage today for tomorrow night's concert. The community is invited to attend what is sure to be a sonically exciting performance by the Concert Orchestra and Symphonic Orchestra in the Clarence Johnson Auditorium of North High. The concert begins at 7 pm.

Mizzou Choir Performs at DGN

The "University Singers" from the University of Missouri-Columbia performed today for the DGN A Cappella Choir class. The ensemble is in Chicago for the national ASCDA Convention which is being held at the Chicago Hilton and Towers & Auditorium Theatre this week.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

District 99 Instrumental Musicians Find Solo Success!

Downers Grove North and South High School student musicians participated in the District 99 Solo and Ensemble Contest on March 5, 2011.

Fifty-nine events received a Division I rating of SUPERIOR. A Division I score is categorized as “A Superior Performance – outstanding in nearly every detail.” In addition, more than twenty other events from Downers Grove North High School received a Division II rating of OUTSTANDING. A Division II score is categorized as “An excellent performance – only minor defects.”

“Preparing for a Solo and Ensemble contest is a great opportunity for our students to express their individualism as soloists and to develop team-work skills with small ensembles,” said Brayer Teague, Fine Arts Department Chair at North High. “We’re very proud of all our students who entered the state contest this year. They did a terrific job representing North and South High Schools with their musicianship.”

Tuba soloist Brandon Broholm and marimba soloist Emily Temple-Wood both were recognized by the adjudicators with perfect scores.

The following Solos and Ensembles received a “Division I—Superior” rating.

Bartlett, Pat-Tuba
Bild, Elliot-trumpet
Binter, Scott-Marimba
Bracken, Shauna-Trumpet
Broholm, Brandon-Tuba
Buttny, Louie-Violin
Calvino, Bernadette-Violin
Cameron, Box-Violin
Casey, Ben-Tuba
Charles, Carly-French Horn
Collins, Aaron-Violin
Craven, Jeremy-Trumpet
DiVenere, Alexa-Flute
Donnelly, Tommy-Trumpet
Fera, Marjorie-Trumpet
Foster, Zach-Cello
Gillen, Stephanie-Flute
Gockman, Kelsey-French Horn
Goliszewski, Brian R-Trumpet
Goliszewski, Steven T-Trumpet
Heppner, Sam-Trumpet
Hickman, Paschal-Tuba
Hsu, Michelle-Percussion
Hux, Sean-Cello
Jaimes, Alex-Flute
Kirkegaard, Marie-Clarinet
Klemp, Allyson-Flute
Kotlicky, Sam-Trumpet
Krainc, Katie-Violin
Latman, Brett-Trumpet
Libby, Michelle-Harp
Lyda, Meghan-Cello
Molina, Andrew-Cello
Moralde, Kathleen-Flute
Moroney, Billy-Clarinet
Nogle, Ian-Multi Perc
O'Neil, Sam-Trumpet
Osborn, Lexi-Flute
Parthun, Jon-Percussion
Plata, Zach-Clarinet
Portman, Erin-Cello
Portman, Katie -Violin
Segredo, Suzanne-English Horn
Shadle, Rita-Flute
Shatzer, Stephen-Bassoon
Song, Sam-Oboe
Sorce, Callie-Alto Sax
Stewart, Kayleigh-Flute
Temple-Wood, Emily-Percussion
Vitti, Joe-Euphonium
Williams, Sarah-Viola
Wu, Tiffany-Flute
Young, Hannah-Harp

Clarinet Duet 1: Moroney, Billy / Plata, Zach
Clarinet Duet 2: Moroney, Billy / Plata, Zach
Clarinet Trio: Reeter, Dan / Foernssler, Emily / Jama, Marissa
Flute Duet: DiVenere, Alexa / Jaimes, Alex
Mixed Woodwind Duet: Keller, Kirsten / Gupana, Kevin
Violin Quartet: Portman, Katie / Box, Cameron / Portman, Erin / Williams, Sarah

District 99 Vocal Honors Recital

A crown jewel in District 99, the Vocal Honors Recital showcases the finest student vocal performers and the depth and breadth of the collaboration that exists between the Fine Arts at North and South High Schools in Downers Grove.

Independently of each other, South and North High Schools host Vocal Music Festivals which featured more than 150 student events. Of those 150 events, 47 were chosen as honorable mention. Of those 47 honorable mention, 39 events were selected to participate in a run-off to earn a spot in the Honors Vocal recital. Of those 39 events, 20 events were selected to perform in this stunning recital.

Special kudos and congratulations are extended to the accompanists, the private voice faculty in District 99, and the distinct panel of professional adjudicators from both campuses that helped to shape this event. Additionally, the District 99 vocal team and accompanists model the collaboration and musicianship necessary to make this event a reality.

For more information about this event or about vocal music in District 99, contact Brayer Teague ( at DGN or Glenn Williams ( at DGS.

Winter Guard 6th at State!

The DGN Winter Guard had a great performance this weekend at the State competition.  The team took 6th place in the Division 1 Tall Flag category.  DGN achieved a season high 92.7 points (out of 100).

Congratulations to coach Emily Rivera and the entire Winter Guard on a terrific season!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

District 99 Solo & Ensemble Contest

Congratulations to the 110 student musicians from District 99 that participated in today's Solo & Ensemble Contest.  Participating in an event, such as this, yields many wonderful opportunities for improving musicianship.  The North and South music faculty applaud all students who participated today for their preparation and commitment to personal musical growth.

The most important feedback that comes from an event such as this are the comment sheets from our panel of adjudicators.  The comment sheets will also help students understand the numerical rating that is assigned to their performance today.  These will be available to students when they return to school on Tuesday.  Please see your classroom music teacher for your sheets.

Ratings from today's contest may be found here.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Summer Music Camp Scholarships from DGN Music Boosters

The DGN Music Boosters annually provide an opportunity for band, choir and orchestra students to apply for “Summer Music Camp Scholarships.” 

The money to fund these scholarships is collected through our “Contributing Members” campaign.  Scholarship awards are not set at a specific dollar amount.  Rather, we look carefully at all of the applications, as well as the funding available in a particular year, and work to honor each student applicant’s summer music camp experience with an award of some kind.  Preference is given to current freshman, sophomores and juniors who will be returning to DGN next year.  At times, when additional funding has been available, the Music Boosters have honored applications from current seniors with partial scholarships. 

The application process has been moved to an online environment this year.  No paper applications will be accepted.  Students should follow this link to begin the application process.


Students are encouraged to read the application questions online, and then compose their answers off-line in a word processing application.  Students should save their work, and then copy responses into the online form before submitting.  (The application form will not allow a student to begin the application, save their work online, and return to finish it later.  So it is best to work off-line until you are ready to fully submit the form.)

We encourage all band, choir and orchestra students who are planning to attend a summer music camp of some kind this year to apply for financial assistance!

The application deadline is Friday, April 29, 2011.