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Friday, February 20, 2009

Scholastic Art Awards - 98 Awards for DGN

Student artists from Downers Grove North High School received regional visual art recognition through The 2009 Scholastic Art Awards. In all, North High visual artists garnered 98 awards in the juried exhibition.

Now in its 86th year, the Scholastic Art Awards is a national competition devoted to recognizing outstanding art and writing created by middle school and high school students.

The competition begins with regional adjudications across the country. Our 2009 regional show, sponsored by District 99, received 1251 entries from 18 local high schools, as well as entries from 2 middle schools competing in a separate age category.

The 1251 high school entries were vying for 629 awards:

  • 21 combined Art & Photography Portfolio Gold Key awards
  • 144 Gold Key awards for individual works
  • 242 Silver Key awards
  • 243 Honorable Mention awards
  • 5 American Vision Awards for Best in Show

All award winners had their work on display at Downers Grove North High School. At the close of the show, all individual Gold Key and Gold Key Portfolio winners have their work shipped to New York City for the national adjudication. Last year, 77,000 students submitted approximately 100,000 works for regional review. Over 10,000 Gold Key recipients moved on to the national judging, where more than 1200 received awards. This year has seen a record number of submissions that will increase this total once the final tally has been taken.

Downers Grove North High School was honored with another outstanding performance at this year’s regional show.

  • 36 Honorable Mention commendations.
  • 36 Silver Key honors
  • 25 Gold Key awards
  • 1 American Vision award

The following list are the DGN winners by category and award:

  • American Vision Award (Five pieces are selected as the Best in Show) -- Kathryn Butler Computer Art
  • Gold Art Portfolios: Ben Campo, Kathryn Butler, Stephanie Koblich, Colleen Malec, Dave Schmitt
  • Gold Photo Portfolios: Erin Agnoli, Ryan O'Connor
  • Gold Ceramics: Ben Campo, Loni Westman
  • Gold Jewelry: Michelle Sheldon
  • Gold Photography: Erin Agnoli, Loni Westman, Marty Zajac
  • Gold Drawing: Liz Havenga, Sabreena Damra, Kathryn Butler(2)
  • Gold Computer Art: Padraic O'Connor(2), Colleen Malec, Kathryn Butler
  • Gold Graphic Design: Stephanie Koblich(2), Dave Schmitt
  • Gold Digital Photo: Katie Earl
  • Silver Ceramics: Alexandra Holland, Victoria Jacobson, Stephanie Koblich, Jamie Mehok, Jori Skutas
  • Silver Jewelry: Matthew Braun, Sabreena Damra, Nicole Irwin, Hannah Witkus, Sarah Zawlocki
  • Silver Photography: Erin Agnoli, Christy Kay, Kate Vogel, Loni Westman
  • Silver Drawing: Kathryn Butler(4), Stephanie Koblich, Ellen McCammon, Kevin Pechnick, Maira Stukas
  • Silver Computer Art: Colleen Malec (2), Kevin Pechnick, Dave Schmitt (2)
  • Silver Graphic Design: Stephanie Koblich, Dave Schmitt, Fran Vernaschi
  • Silver Mixed Media: Kelly Parish
  • Silver Digital Photo: Katie Earl, Ryan O’Connor
  • Silver Painting: Ellen McCammon
  • Honorable Mention Ceramics: Elizabeth Colaizzi, Katie Connors, Sarah Desai, Victoria Jacobson, Jeremy Payne
  • Honorable Mention Jewelry: Bryanna Blackburn, Nicole Irwin, Angie Suh, Hannah Witkus
  • Honorable Mention Photography: Erin Agnoli (3) Jill Brunner, Joseph Corson, Katie Jameson, Rachel Swirsky, Marty Zajac
  • Honorable Mention Drawing: Kathryn Butler, Stephanie Koblich (3), Nick Rudy
  • Honorable Mention Computer Art: Colleen Malec (4), Colleen Ryan
  • Honorable Mention Graphic Design: Stephanie Koblich(2), Dave Schmitt
  • Honorable Mention Digital Photo: Ryan O’Connor (3)
  • Honorable Mention Sculpture: Loni Westman

Sunday, February 08, 2009

CSD99 Hosts the Scholastic Art Awards

Congratulations to all of the Visual Art Faculty in District 99 for their support of the 2009 Scholastic Art Awards!

Friday, February 06, 2009

NIU Jazz Ensemble Swings in District 99

The Northern Illinois University Jazz Ensemble visited North High today to present a series of music clinics which culminated in an evening concert that featured New York trumpet legend Lew Soloff.

Congratulations to the members of the North High Jazz Lab Band, South High Jazz Lab Band, North High Jazz Ensemble, and South High Jazz Ensemble for wonderful performances tonight.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Doane College Band visits DGN

The Doane College Band, under the direction of Dr. Jay Gilbert, visited District 99 last week to share their music. Pictured here, the band performs with the North High Wind Ensemble in a 6th Period Exchange Concert.