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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

District 99 Vocal Honors Recital

Congratulations to the North High musicians who were selected to
perform in this evening's District 99 Vocal Honors Recital.

Winter Guard - 2nd in State

Congratulations to coach Emily Rivera and the DGN Winter Guard on their performances this past weekend at the IDTA State Competition in Champaign. Our team placed 2nd in the State in the Lyrical Flags category, as well as 2nd in the state in the Tall Flags category. These two accomplishments are the highest state level scores/places in school history.
Way to go DGN Winter Guard:
Kelly Cantlin
Ashley Ford
Nella Granback
Annamarie Kowalewicz
Kaitlyn Kropp
Anita Pattanayak
Amanda Pigott
Jennifer Poad
Lauren Rush
Kaitlin Sheber
Carrie Strandgard
Lindsay Waszak
Lisa Witek

Thursday, March 06, 2008

District 99 Orchestra Concert

Congratulations to the members of the District 99 Orchestra for a
terrific concert tonight!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Scholastic Art Awards - 95 Award Winners from DGN

Above: Scholastic Art Awards 'Gold Key' Winners from North High Fine Arts

Student artists from Downers Grove North High School received regional visual art recognition through The 2008 Scholastic Art Awards. In all, North High visual artists garnered 95 awards in the juried exhibition.

Now in its 85th year, the Scholastic Art Awards is a national competition devoted to recognizing outstanding art and writing created by middle school and high school students.

The competition begins with regional adjudications across the country. Our 2008 regional show, sponsored by District 99, received 1133 entries from 15 local high schools, as well as 38 entries from 3 middle schools competing in a separate age category.

Downers Grove North High School was honored with another outstanding performance at this year’s regional show.

  • 22 students were awarded a total of 31 Honorable Mention commendations.
  • 18 students received a total of 20 Silver Key honors
  • 27 students received a total of 31 individual Gold Key awards
  • 13 students received Portfolio Gold Key awards

Art Portfolio Category

Megan Degen GOLD

Jessica Durkin GOLD

Lauren Palmer GOLD

Michelle Pine GOLD

Joe Rouse GOLD

Jessica Silvester GOLD

Ceramics Category

Evan Bauer HM

Rachel Campo HM

Daniel Conrad HM

Todd Duke GOLD

Katelyn Kos GOLD

Jessica Mandujano GOLD

Luke Munro SILVER

Amanda Seamans GOLD

Joe Sterr SILVER

Susan Wesolek GOLD

Crystal Yi HM

Computer Art Category

Elyssia Lee HM

Allie Novak GOLD

Padraic O’Connor GOLD

Joe Rouse GOLD

Digital Imagery Category

Kari Lindeman GOLD, SILVER, HM(3)

Drawing Category

Kathryn Butler GOLD, SILVER

Terese Byrne GOLD, HM(2)

Vicky Holland HM

Stephanie Koblich GOLD, SILVER

Colleen Malec GOLD

Allie Novak SILVER, HM(2)

Lauren Palmer GOLD, SILVER, HM

Joe Rouse GOLD(2), SILVER, HM

Nick Rudy GOLD

Paulina Zmitrowicz GOLD

Graphic Design Category

Bob Holly GOLD

Michelle Pine GOLD, SILVER(2), HM

Joe Rouse GOLD

Jewelry Category

Jessica Caputo SILVER

Samantha Czernik SILVER

Megan Degen GOLD(2)

Abigail Green GOLD

Maggie McGrath HM(2)

Rachel Melant SILVER

Lexis Monfort GOLD

Katherine Pogwizd HM

Ryann Sladek HM

Emiliusz Smorczewski SILVER, HM

Meredith Vavra GOLD

Paulius Vertelka GOLD (American Vision Award), SILVER

William Walker SILVER

Mixed Media Category

Natalie Smith HM

Painting Category

Allie Novak HM

Lauren Palmer SILVER

Jessica Silvester GOLD, HM(3)

Photography Category

Erin Agnoli SILVER

Kelsey DeMarco HM

Allie Novak HM

Cara Pagels GOLD

Ben Ruffalo GOLD

Natalie Smith GOLD, SILVER, HM(2)

Margaret Wolf HM

Photo Portfolio Category

Kari Lindeman GOLD

Sculpture Category

Megan Degen SILVER, HM

Each year the jury selects 5 American Vision Awards from over 1100 entries.

This year North High Jewelry student Paulius Vertelka received an American Vision Award for his piece entitled “Vessels of Life”.

Downers Grove North Musicians Find Solo Success!

Downers Grove North High School student musicians participated in the Illinois High School Association State Solo and Ensemble Contest on March 1, 2008.

Forty-two events from Downers Grove North High School received a Division I rating of SUPERIOR. A Division I score is categorized as “A Superior Performance – outstanding in nearly every detail.” In addition, thirty-seven events from Downers Grove North High School received a Division II rating of OUTSTANDING. A Division II score is categorized as “An excellent performance – only minor defects.”

“Preparing for a Solo and Ensemble contest is a great opportunity for our students to express their individualism as soloists and to develop team-work skills with small ensembles,” said Brayer Teague, Fine Arts Department Chair at North High. “We’re very proud of all our students who entered the state contest this year. They did a terrific job representing North High with their musicianship.”

The following North High Music Events received a “Division I—Superior” rating.

  • Keith Anderson, Oboe solo
  • Jesse Backes, Snare Drum solo
  • Kristen Bergquist, Cello solo
  • Phoebe Black, Flute solo
  • Emma Bolam, Vocal solo
  • Brittany Brady, Violin solo
  • Nathan Cornish, Vocal solo
  • Shannon Drobney, Violin solo
  • Jane Duffy, Vocal solo
  • Rania El-Kareh, Clarinet solo
  • Kirsten Keller, Flute solo
  • Katrina Garland, Viola solo
  • Marika Garland, Clarinet solo
  • Kendall Gretsch, Clarinet solo
  • Caroline Hlohowskyj, Trumpet solo
  • Jamshed Jehangir, Marimba solo
  • Emily Kirkegaard, Oboe solo
  • Marie Kirkegaard, Clarinet solo
  • Catherine Krygeris, Vocal solo
  • Andrew Kuikman, Multiple Percussion solo
  • Kristen Lemke, Vocal solo
  • Alyssa Love, Violin solo
  • Elizabeth Meier, Vocal solo
  • Kurt Meyer, Clarinet solo
  • Jenna Mitchell, Vocal solo
  • Lauren Niemi, Vocal solo
  • John O’Hara, Clarinet solo
  • Nicholas Rudy, Cello solo
  • Lauren Rush, Cello solo
  • Hannah Schober, Trumpet solo
  • Katie Schranz, Viola solo
  • Hannah Shatzer, Oboe solo
  • Natalie Stawarski, Violin solo
  • Isaac Stevenson, Marimba solo
  • Isaac Stevenson, Snare Drum solo
  • Michael Walser, Alto Sax
  • Lisa Witek, Bassoon solo
  • Keyboard Percussion Ensemble: Emma Sassano, Ray Knoebel, Jonathan Rush
  • Membrane Percussion Ensemble: Jamshed Jehangir, Jesse Backes, Dan McLeod, Andrew Kuikman
  • Mixed Wind Ensemble: Emily Kirkegaard, Marie Kirkegaard
  • Mixed Wind Ensemble: Emily Kirkegaard, Rania El-Kareh, Lisa Witek
  • Wind/String Ensemble: Kristen Bergquist, Lauren Rush