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Monday, April 16, 2018

Tri-M Music Honor Society 2018 Induction Ceremony

Congratulations to the members of the Downers Grove North Tri-M Music Honor Society chapter who were inducted and recognized at this evening's ceremony.

2017-2018 Inductees
Jozelle Arenz
Lucile Boyd
Emma Duncan
Allison Tenorio
Samantha Breit
Aidan Purcell

2017-2018 Continuing Members
Emily Blanchard
Mary Bonanno
Josie Bondarowicz
Allison Burke
Jennifer Casey
Joseph Delorto
Ryan Knezevich
Amelia Korbitz
Hannah Kutchek
Jack Langan
Chloe Mason
Maggie Miller
Bryan Monk
Brendan Quealy
Nicholas Saba

A special congratulations is extended to the Tri-M Class of 2018, and a special note of thanks is offered to Faculty Sponsor Ms. Jennifer Mullen.