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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

August 2017 DGN Band Camp Schedule Released

The Fine Arts Department is beginning to receive inquiries from families regarding the dates for the 2017 Summer Band Camp practices for the Trojan Marching Band.  The official Fine Arts Department Calendar (2017-18) is currently in ‘draft form’ and awaiting final approval from our school’s administrative team.  We expect to publish the official calendar in the next several weeks, but in the meantime we can share the Band Camp schedule now.  

As many of our families already know, District 99 is moving to an “Early Start Calendar” in August of 2017. This decision, and the process to come to this decision, has been covered thoroughly in the local press. The adjusted calendar will allow students to finish Semester 1 (and Final Exams) prior to the Winter Break, and this decision more closely aligns District 99 with other Chicago suburban high school districts. 

In anticipation of an earlier start in August 2017, we endeavored to create a more compacted Band Camp schedule last year (August 2016).  In summary, we experimented with fewer rehearsal days, but added several hours of rehearsal each day. The schedule worked well for the band, and we will use this same format in 2017, just moved up one week to accommodate the earlier start of the school year.

Here, then, are report dates for Band Camp 2017, with detailed times and schedules in the attached image.

  • July 31 – All Student Leaders (Drum Majors and Section Captains) report for Leadership Training
  • August 2 – All Percussion & Color Guard report for three day Mini-Camp
  • August 7 – All band members report for Band Camp 2017