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Friday, October 14, 2016

Calling All Trombonists! We need at least 76 of you!!! #99Learns

Join our salute to the Music Education career of Mr. Jonathan Ball in his final DGN Band Invitational Concert.  We will close the concert with a performance of "76 Trombones" as a nod to Mr. Ball's years of service and dedication to our community and the schools of Downers Grove.

So pull your trombone out of the closet, practice a few lip-slurs, and come join us on November 1.  PRINT THE SHEET MUSIC FROM THIS LINK!

Please invite anyone you know who can hold (we mean play) a trombone!

All guest-trombonists will rehearse with the DGN Wind Ensemble / current DGN and Herrick Band trombones at 5:45 PM on the night of the concert.

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