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Saturday, January 23, 2016

DGN Jazzers Swing at 2016 Purdue Jazz Festival #WeAreDGN #99Learns

Congratulations to the student musicians of the North High School Jazz Program for an outstanding showing at the 2016 Purdue Jazz Festival.   Four ensembles performed and competed with more than 100 high school ensembles from five states across the Midwest.  In addition to receiving a score from the panel of adjudicators in each room, each group received real time formative feedback from each judge in an audio recording.  This feedback is essential to the continuing growth of both individual students and the musicianship of each ensemble.  

Each of the four ensembles from DGN received a Division I rating from the panel of judges.  This is the highest possible rating on the scoring rubric.  In addition to the outstanding ensemble performances, 20 Outstanding Soloist Awards were given by the panel of judges to DGN students for displaying outstanding musicianship.

The DGN Jazz Ensemble earned "Outstanding Performance" for their room (Loeb Playhouse), meaning they were one of the top two ensembles for the day.  The band was also a featured ensemble for an educational lecture presented by Don Owens, Jazz Studies Professor Emeritus from Northwestern University.  The "Jazz Technicians Combo" also earned "Outstanding Performance" for their division in the Anniversary Drawing Room. 

Jazz Ensemble – Division I Rating / Outstanding Performance Award (2nd Place)
Outstanding Soloist Awards: Ellie Banke (vocal), Josie Bondarowicz (bass), Michael Hardy (piano), Ryan Knezevich (trombone), Matthew McCoy (alto sax), Zachary McCoy (drums), Austin Moca (piano), Nate Rapach (trumpet), Vince Rybowiak (guitar), Caleb Schmurr (trombone), 

Jazz Lab Band – Division I Rating / 3rd Place 
Outstanding Soloist Awards: Kevin Griffin (trombone), Kaylee McCarthy (trombone)

Jazz Technician Combo – Division I Rating / Outstanding Performance Award (2nd Place)
Outstanding Soloist AwardsJosie Bondarowicz (bass), Gavin Harker (trumpet), Ben Heppner (drums), Andrew Jackson (tenor sax), Ryan Knezevich (trombone), Austin Moca (piano)

Double Take Combo – Division I Rating / 3rd Place
Outstanding Soloist Awards: Michael Hardy (piano), Caleb Schmurr (trombone)