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Friday, December 19, 2014

Important Fannie May Sale Update from DGN Fine Arts Boosters

Dear DGN Music Parents,


I would like to thank all of you for your patience as we have been working through the challenges associated with the Fannie May Fundraiser this year.  This has been a very difficult time for the company and its employees as they try to honor their commitments in the aftermath of a devastating warehouse fire in Maple Heights, OH, on Thanksgiving Day.


The most recent "intelligence" from Fannie May is that the last shipments were sent out on Wednesday night, December 17th.  I would expect that these shipments would be at your front door by Monday, December 22nd, at the latest.  Fannie May was able to ship the core items in their repertoire (Pixies, Colonials, Trinidads, Meltaways, etc.), but they do not have some of the special Christmas items in their inventory or even in the "proverbial pipeline."   Those special Christmas items will not be shipped to anyone.  I understand that some families have opted for FM gift cards as a suitable substitution when they have talked with the customer service representatives directly.  And some of you ordered the gift cards way back in November.  Regardless, the gift cards come separately from the chocolates.  The customer service number at Fannie May is 800-444-3629 for any additional questions.


Going forward, I have asked Fannie May to supply me with a detailed accounting of what was sent to whom so that we can cross reference this information with our spread sheets.  Refund checks will be issued after I have had a chance to go over the reports.  I ask for your patience as this will be a time-consuming task—currently, I cannot even give you a time frame because I do not have the necessary reports from Fannie May.  In some instances, the checks can simply be returned if an entire order was not filled.  Also be aware that none of the checks from this fundraiser have been deposited---we were waiting to see if FM could in fact deliver product.


I would ask that the students notify their customers of this latest development and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused---but this was truly unavoidable.  We will work as quickly as possible to issue refunds, but customers might need to make other arrangements if their items were not delivered. 


Thank you again for your patience and understanding.



Barb Webster - Sale Chairperson