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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Band Camp Showcase: Time Clarification

At last night's Music Parent Meeting, we inadvertently projected the wrong times on the screen for Friday night's Band Camp Showcase.  We will follow the originally published schedule, and the times as they appear on our online calendar.  Here is the schedule for Friday night:

4:45 - 5 PM - Band members arrive in band room, dressed in Marching Band T-Shirt, Band Cap, Shorts, and athletic shoes.

5 - 5:15 PM - Warm Up in Band Room (Spectators take seats around East Practice Field)

5:15 - Band moves to field.

5:30 - Showcase Begins

6:15 (approx) - Showcase ends; Band members put instruments away.

6:30 - (?)   Ice Cream Social at Every Day's A Sundae