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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012 North HS Scholastics Gold Key Winners

North High School Fine Arts congratulates the 2012 Scholastics Gold Key Award winners:

Gold Key Awards
Barbara Armstrong (Painting)
Katie Berendt (Photography) – 2 Gold Keys
Katie Berendt    (Digital Art)
Lindsey Bliss (Ceramics & Glass) – 2 Gold Keys
Kevin Brinkman (Mixed Media)
Lauren Capua (Photography)
Leighanne Crawford (Design) – 3 Gold Keys
Leighanne Crawford (Digital Art) – 2 Gold Keys
Meghan Downey (Photography)
Amy Fatigato (Photography)
Leo Granner (Digital Art)
Siga Kisielius (Ceramics & Glass)
Karen    Klein (Digital Art)
Jordan  Krzak (Ceramics & Glass)
Shannon Linares (Ceramics & Glass)
Daniel Meinhart (Drawing)
Daniel Meinhart (Digital Art)
Autumn Moberg (Jewelry)
Autumn Moberg (Sculpture)
Autumn Moberg (Fashion)
Kyle Mysiewicz (Ceramics & Glass)
Rebecca Ridderhoff (Drawing) – 2 Gold Keys
Gabby   Sims (Ceramics & Glass)
Miranda Valles (Ceramics & Glass)