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Monday, February 20, 2012

DGN Music Boosters - Summer Study Scholarships

The DGN Music Boosters annually provide an opportunity for band, choir and orchestra students to apply for “Summer Music Camp Scholarships.” 

The money to fund these scholarships is collected through our “Contributing Members” campaign.  Scholarship awards are not set at a specific dollar amount.  Rather, we look carefully at all of the applications, as well as the funding available in a particular year, and work to honor each student applicant’s summer music camp experience with an award of some kind.  Preference is given to current freshman, sophomores and juniors who will be returning to DGN next year.  At times, when additional funding has been available, the Music Boosters have honored applications from current seniors with partial scholarships. 

The application process is conducted online.  No paper applications will be accepted.  Students should follow this link to begin the application process.


Students are encouraged to read the application questions online, and then compose their answers off-line in a word processing application.  Students should save their work, and then copy responses into the online form before submitting.  (The application form will not allow a student to begin the application, save their work online, and return to finish it later.  So it is best to work off-line until you are ready to fully submit the form.)

We encourage all band, choir and orchestra students who are planning to attend a summer music camp of some kind this year to apply for financial assistance!

The application deadline is: Friday, April 27, 2012.