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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DGN Congratulates Thirty-Nine All-District Musicians!

Thirty-nine student musicians from Downers Grove North High School were selected, by competitive audition, to the 2011 Illinois Music Educators Association District Band, Choir, Orchestra and Jazz Band.  Auditions were held on Tuesday, October 11, at Carl Sandburg High School.  The top placing scores were selected for participation in the District Music Festivals, to be held during the month of November.

“Selection to the IMEA All-District ensembles is a big honor for a high school musician,” said Brayer Teague, Fine Arts Department Chairperson.  “Our faculty is excited for these students who will now have the opportunity to collaborate with the most outstanding musicians in our region.  We are looking forward to hearing great performances at the District Music Festival next month.”

Shauna Bracken (12) Trumpet (Band)
Shauna Bracken (12) Trumpet (Jazz)
Augustine Calvino (11) Alto Sax (Jazz)
Sebastian Calvino (10) Trombone (Jazz)
Tommy Donnelly (10) Trumpet (Jazz)
Faisal Khurshid (12) Percussion (Band)
Anna Krainc (12) Clarinet (Orchestra)
Robby Kulik (10) Drums (Jazz)
Brett Latman (11) Trumpet (Band)
Brett Latman (11) Trumpet (Jazz)
Sam O’Neil (11) Trumpet (Jazz)
Spencer Schillerstrom (10) Tenor Sax (Jazz)
Stephen Shatzer (12) Bassoon (Orchestra)
Jonathan Sheetz (12) Bass Clarinet (Band)
Andrea Vetrone (12) French Horn (Band)

Samantha Barry (12) Alto II
Devin Collett (12) Soprano I
Anthony Digiulio (12) Bass II  
Madelaine Isobal (11) Alto II
Frannie Jones (12) Alto I
Anna Krainc (12) Alto II
Patrick Murray (10) Tenor I
Kate Weyers (11) Alto I
Eareen Yambao (12) Tenor II

Emma Burkhardt (11) Viola
Tristan Burnham (11) Violin
Anthony Depaz (11) Violin
Jimmy Izewski (11) Double Bass
Allison Kirkegaard (9) Cello
Mantas Kisielius (10) Violin
Lauren Kovanko (12) Viola
Katie Krainc (11) Violin
Meghan Lyda (12) Cello
Alana Osterling (11) Cello
Nicole Pearson (10) Viola
Rachel Pfeifer (9) Cello
Katie Portman (10) Violin
Sarah Williams (10) Viola
Hannah Young (12) Harp