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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3 Notes of Note

Congratulations to all the fine musicians of the Trojan Marching Band for making a strong impression this early in the season.  Well done!

From an LT Football Parent:

I have a nephew on the LT Varsity football team, and I attend all of his games.  I would just like to comment that it was truly a pleasure to play your team last night at your field.  Your entire organization showed exemplary class and sportsmanship that I feel is sorely lacking at most other schools.  I also felt that it was very nice of your band to play the LT theme song to welcome the opposing team.  You should be proud of the way that Downers Grove North presents itself to other schools.  Your team played well, the PA system is fantastic, the field exemplary, the band excellent, and the overall experience was a pleasure.  I don't normally take the time to write letters such as this except in cases where I feel it's well deserved.  Kudos to a true class act at Downers North!!
From an LT Band Parent:

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the DGN marching band!  As you know I am an LT band parent and I couldn't get over how exuberant DG band students were!  Their routine on the field was excellent as well.  Even after half-time, when most bands start goofing around, the DG band continued with super energy, great pump-up tunes and even choreography!  The most impressive thing is that they learned our school song and played it at the end of the game...real class act.

From a DG community member:

We were at the first game and enjoyed the band and all of the auxiliaries.  The band had the best balance and most mature sound I have heard in years.  The flags were a wonderful in time and a great compliment to the band.  The percussion was very creative pulling the band together no matter how spread out the band was on the field.  The enthusiasm was contagious to everyone in the stands.  You and Bill are bringing out the best in music and spirit.  Thanks for the hard work.  We have lived in Downers for over 40 years and this years is making the highest mark yet in the history of DGN.  Keep the music going.