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Thursday, March 15, 2018

DGN Bands Exude Musicianship at Spring Concert

Congratulations to the members of the DGN Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band on their extremely musical performances this evening at the Spring Band Concert. Each ensemble played with attention to detail and a sensitivity to the art form. 

Special congratulations are extended to seniors Jennifer Casey and Hannah Kutchek for their Senior Concerto performances tonight with the DGN Wind Ensemble. Bravo!

Tonight's concert featured the 'debut performance' of a new percussion instrument, welded by DGN parent Mr. Joe Howard. Thank you, Mr. Howard, for creating this instrument for our band program!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

DGN Bands In Concert - March 15

Join the @dgnbands for the Spring Band Concert, March 15th!

DGN Visual Artists Honored at National Scholastic Art Awards

NEW YORK, NY – The nonprofit Alliance for Young Artists and Writers has announced the national award recipients of the 2018 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, the nation’s longest-running and most prestigious recognition program for creative teens in grades 7–12. Within the Awards’ 29 categories, which include poetry, photography, sculpture, humor, editorial cartoons, and video game design, a record-breaking 330,000 works of art and writing were submitted for adjudication at the regional level this year. 

Five DGN Fine Arts students were honored this year at the national level, placing them in the Top 1% of all adjudicated works. Their artwork will be in exhibition at Carnegie Hall in New York, New York beginning with a gala opening in June of 2018.

We are thrilled for these exceptional visual art students and this amazing accomplishment," said DGN Fine Arts Department Chairperson Brayer Teague. "Their hard work and determination, coupled with the exceptional mentoring of their teachers, has propelled them to be recognized at this level. We could not be happier for them."

Marcus Bacerra - Art Hoes” - National Scholastic Gold Medal in Digital Art. Teacher: Marty Voelker

Carlos Hernandez, Jr. - “Heavy Hand” - National Scholastic Gold Medal in Jewelry. Teacher: Robyn Bican

Benjamin Gartlan - Bus Ride” - National Scholastic Silver Medal in Drawing and Illustration. Teacher: Marty Voelker

Lock Hegarty - A Taste of CanBoy” - National Scholastic Silver Medal in Comic Art. Teacher: Marty Voelker

Savannah Rodriguez - Groovy” - National Scholastic Silver Medal in Ceramics and Glass. Teacher: Amy Bernard

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

District 99 Orchestra Spring Concert

Congratulations to the students and staff affiliated with the District 99 Orchestra for presenting a tremendous Spring Concert this evening.  Concert Orchestra and Symphonic Orchestra both performed with elegance and artistry.

Kudos and congratulations to guest conductor Craig Roselieb who will retire from teaching at South High School at the end of this year.  Mr. Roselieb worked to prepare the D99 Orchestra for the performance this evening, and, has long been an avid supporter of the students in the orchestra program.  The orchestra sounded wonderful during the performance of the "Les Preludes" by Franz Liszt - bravo!

Special shout out also goes to senior soloists Nicolette Cheaure, viola, and Bella Kelly, violin, for their exquisite performances this evening. 

The concert video is archived on the DGS Fine Arts YouTube Channel.


Winter Guard Takes 2nd at Lincoln-Way East

Congratulations to the DGN Winter Guard on another outstanding showing at this weekend's Lincoln-Way East Winter Guard Invitational. The team elevated their score again to a season high 70.26 and a 2nd Place finish in their class.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Thank you DGN Friends of Fine Arts!

The DGN Friends of Fine Arts (DGN-FOFA) supports our DGN students in many ways. A tangible example of their support is the recent acquisition of a new Adams 4.3 Octave Rosewood Marimba. It is through the generous donations to DGN-FOFA that this kind of tangible support is realized for the benefit of the students in our Fine Arts programs. 

Thank you DGN-FOFA!

Monday, March 05, 2018

DGN Musicians Find Success at 2018 State Contest

Downers Grove North High School student musicians participated in the Illinois High School Association State Solo and Ensemble Contest on March 3, 2018.

78 students from Downers Grove North High School performed Solos and Ensembles that earned a Division I rating of SUPERIOR.  A Division I score is categorized as “A Superior Performance – outstanding in nearly every detail.”  In addition, 30 students from Downers Grove North High School performed Solos and Ensembles that garnered a Division II rating of OUTSTANDING.  A Division II score is categorized as “An excellent performance – only minor defects.”

“Preparing for a Solo and Ensemble contest is a great opportunity for our students to express their individualism as soloists and to develop team-work skills with small ensembles,” said Brayer Teague, Fine Arts Department Chair at North High.  “We’re very proud of all our students who entered the state contest this year.  They did a terrific job representing North High with their musicianship.”

Twelve North High student musicians received perfect scores at the State Contest. Jennifer Casey, Amelia Korbitz, Brian Monk, and Katherine Ramsey earned perfect marks from the judges for their solo work. The DGN String Quartet (Aleena Albert, Katherine Lyda, Brady Moore, Jesse Wei), as well as the DGN Low Brass Quartet (Jeremy Blumka, Jennifer Casey, Ryan Knezevich, Brian Perillo – Low Brass Quartet) also received perfect scores.    

Two North High events received a “Best in Room Citation” for garnering the highest achievement score in their event room.  Percussion soloist Bilal Khurshid and Cello Soloist Brady Moore were each recognized by judges to be the most outstanding performers of the day in their performance venues. 

The following North High Music Events received a “Division I—Superior” rating:
Aleena Albert – French Horn
Jozie Arenz – Euphonium
Nick Atonson – Violin
Daniel Atwater – Trumpet
Eva Bednard – Violin
Emily Blanchard – Flute
Emily Blanchard – Piccolo
Carissa Blumka – Flute
Jeremy Blumka – Trombone
Lucie Boyd – Viola
Jennifer Casey – Euphonium – Perfect Score
Grace Chalberg – Trumpet
Luc Collo – Alto Saxophone
Ellie Cremer – Violin
Alison Dry – Trombone
Rebecca Edmundson – Violin
Emma Fodor – Clarinet
Jamie Gamonez – Female Voice
Jamie Gamonez – Flute
Marissa Gonzalez – Flute
Jeannie Hansen – Bassoon
Gavin Harker – Trumpet
Rachel Jeske – Oboe
Amelia Korbitz – Violin – Perfect Score
Bilal Khurshid – Snare Drum – Best in Room Citation
Ryan Knezevich – Trombone
Helen Kosowski – Flute
Emma Krause – Flute
Megan Krause – Violin
Hannah Kutchek – Flute
Jack Langan – Male Voice
Katherine Lyda – Violin
Margaret Lyons – Flute
Lucas Marra – French Horn
Kaylee McCarthy – Trombone
Zachary McDermott – French Horn
Parker Jo McGuire – Violin
Ish Mistry – Trombone
Brian Monk – Violin – Perfect Score
Brady Moore – Cello – Best in Room Citation
Raegan Novak – Flute
Noah Pardue – Viola
Brian Perillo – Euphonium
Brendan Quealy – Male Voice
Chloe Mason – Oboe
Catherine Ramsey – Harp – Perfect Score
Tressa Rapach – Trumpet
Andrew Swenson – Trumpet
Miles Teague – French Horn
Jesse Wei – Viola

Aleena Albert, Katherine Lyda, Brady Moore, Jesse Wei – String Quartet – Perfect Score
Daniel Atwater, Nya Mason, Ish Mistry, Jonathan Orjala, Rebecca Waden – Brass Quintet
Jeremy Blumka, Jennifer Casey, Ryan Knezevich, Brian Perillo – Low Brass Quartet – Perfect Score
Lucie Boyd, Amelia Korbitz – String Duet
Allison Burke, Luc Collo, Andrew Jackson, Marz Tingzon – Sax Quartet
Jeannie Hansen, Ava Sanchez, Maya Schumpert – Woodwind Trio
Sotis Gouriotis, Amanda Janusz, Katherine Tokash – String Trio
Justin Berghorst, Noah Pardue, Paige Sadler, Julia Szostak – String Quartet

The following North High Music Events received a “Division II—Excellent” rating:
Justin Berghorst – Violin
Abigail Bowers – Flute
Michelle Cotton – Bassoon
Kate Crisp – Female Voice
Patrick Doyle – Trumpet
Emily Ennis – Flute
Abbie Folkening – Flute
Mariah Godar – Trumpet
Aaron Heppner – Flute
Emilija Irvin – Bassoon
Arden Jachim – Trumpet
Angelica Kowara – Trombone
Maggie Miller – Violin
Jonathan Orjala – Trumpet
Caroline Pleune – Flute
Matt Rios – Trumpet
Ava Sanchez – Flute
Mia Scott – Violin
Olga Sretenovic – Violin
Sam Stein – Trumpet
Claire Tarvin – Tuba
Julianna Tuohy – Trombone
Rebecca Waden – French Horn

Alexis Morman, Julia Rhodes – Woodwind Duet
Emilija Irvin, Emma Krause, Chloe Mason, Aidan Purcell, Miles Teague – Woodwind Quintet

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Congratulations DGN Vocal Festival Participants!

Congratulations to over 60 choir students who participated in our annual Vocal Festival today! Three guest clinicians worked in a masterclass format with our singers during each of our scheduled choir classes, providing a wonderful learning opportunity for both the soloists and the audience of choir students! 18 students were selected to compete in a "run-off" performance after school, and a small group of these students will be selected by our clinicians to sing alongside peers from DGS at our District Honors Recital in March.
We are so proud of our students' hard work and marvelous performances! Special thanks to our voice teachers for helping our students prepare for this event, and to our clinicians, Dr. Robert Sinclair, Mrs. Beth Best and Mrs. Robyn Wiper, for a wonderful day!

Monday, February 26, 2018

DGN Visual Artists Honored at 5th Annual Illinois High School Art Exhibition (IHSAE)

Congratulations to the DGN Fine Arts students who were selected to exhibit work at the Illinois High School Art Exhibition’s annual General Exhibition:
  • Kaitlyn Almazan
  • Audrey Lucas
  • Angela Wong
  • Carlos Hernandez
  • Lucy Quinn
Senior Audrey Lucas received the Silver Medal in the Photography category.

Junior Angela Wong received the Silver Medal in the Pottery category. 

Junior Lucy Quinn received an Early College Program Scholarship from the University of Michigan in the Painting category. 

At the accompanying Illinois High School Art Exhibition’s annual Senior Scholarship Competition, seven DGN Fine Arts students were selected to display work at compete for more than 1.2 million in scholarships: 
  • Marcus Bacerra
  • Evelyn Brindl
  • Benjamin Gartlan
  • Marissa Justiano
  • Mia Kibiloski
  • Jonny McDonald
  • Julia Yrkoski
The Illinois High School Art Exhibition is a not-for-profit corporation whose mission is the advancement of visual arts education through exhibition. Developed by teachers for students in 2014, the organization is run by full-time art educators who collaborate with corporate sponsors, art schools/colleges/universities, and participating public, private, and charter high schools to celebrate and award the artistic talents of Illinois high school art students. 

Congratulations and thanks are extended to District 99 Visual art teachers Mr. Josh Hoering (Board of Directors & Portfolio Coordinator) & Katherine O'Truk (General Exhibition Awards Coordinator) for their service to the IHSAE staff.

For more information, go to