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Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Night at The Oscars #99Learns #58Learns

The sonic and visual red carpet was rolled out tonight as concert patrons thoroughly enjoyed "A Night at the Oscars," a collaborative performance which featured nearly 250 student musicians from 4 different ensembles.  In addition to performing samples from the scores of 16 different films, the student musicians combined forces for a finale featuring Lalo Schiffrin's timeless theme from Mission:Impossible.  Special thanks to the Herrick Middle School Orchestra, conducted by Todd Schultz, and the O'Neill Middle School Orchestra, conducted by Colleen Eakley, for their work with their contributions to the performance.  "This concert is a perennial favorite of mine." said District 99 Orchestra conductor Jennifer Mullen.  "Being able to see the complete possibility of progress in one night is wonderful."

If you were unable to join us live in the auditorium this evening, or, if you simply wish to re-experience the event, you can watch the replay on the High School Cube by CLICKING HERE.