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Monday, March 09, 2015

Downers Grove North Musicians Find Solo & Ensemble Success at State Contest!

Downers Grove North High School student musicians participated in the Illinois High School Association State Solo and Ensemble Contest on March 7, 2015.

59 students from Downers Grove North High School earned 72 Division I ratings of SUPERIOR.  A Division I score is categorized as “A Superior Performance – outstanding in nearly every detail.”  In addition, 20 students from Downers Grove North High School earned 21 Division II ratings of OUTSTANDING.  A Division II score is categorized as “An excellent performance – only minor defects.”

“Preparing for a Solo and Ensemble contest is a great opportunity for our students to express their individualism as soloists and to develop team-work skills with small ensembles,” said Brayer Teague, Fine Arts Department Chair at North High.  “We’re very proud of all our students who entered the state contest this year.  They did a terrific job representing North High with their musicianship.”

Seven North High student musicians received perfect scores at the State Contest.
Lauren Birkmeier, Daniel Brethauer, Jen Casey, Tim Edwards, Todd Griffin, Hannah Kutchek, and Kadance Taba earned perfect marks from the judges. 

Five North High events (encompassing seven musicians) received a “Best of Day Award” for garnering the highest achievement score in their event room.  Vocal soloist Keara Corbett, Clarinet soloist Kevin Atwater, Cello Soloist Tim Edwards, Euphonium soloist Jen Casey, and a String Quartet of Seth Collins, Bryan Monk, Matt Monk, and Abby Pfeiffer were all recognized by judges to be the most outstanding performers of the day in their performance venues. 

The following North High Music Events received a “Division I—Superior” rating:

Kevin Atwater – Clarinet – BEST OF DAY
Belle Banke – Percussion Ensemble
Jack Barkei – String Ensemble (2)
Lauren Birkmeier – Euphonium – Perfect score
Alyse Bondarowicz – Flute (1) & Saxophone Ensemble (1)
Daniel Brethauer – Trombone – Perfect score
Allie Casey – Flute
Jen Casey – Euphonium – Perfect score / BEST OF DAY
Elise Cismesia – Female Voice
Seth Collins – String Ensemble – BEST OF DAY
Patrick Connery – Tuba Ensemble
Keara Corbett – Female Voice – BEST OF DAY
Ben Cortez – Trumpet
Evan Culligan – Alto Saxophone (1) & Saxophone Ensemble (1)
Maria D’Ambrose – Oboe
Katie Donnelly – Alto Saxophone
Tim Edwards – Cello – Perfect score / BEST OF DAY (1) & String Ensemble (1)
Alison Elgass – Bass Clarinet
Jamie Gamonez – Female Voice
Robert Gartlan – Male Voice
Ben Goedert – Male Voice
Kevin Griffin - Trombone 
Todd Griffin – Tuba – Perfect score (1) & Tuba Ensemble (1)
Emily Heppner – Violin
Elizabeth Heyler – Flute
Megan Hung – Clarinet
Tatiana Jordan – Violin (1) & String Ensemble (2)
Allison Kirkegaard – Female Voice (1) & Treble Ensemble (1)
Ryan Knezevich – Trombone
Eirene Kowal – Marimba
Cecilia Kowara – Female Voice
Hannah Kutchek – Flute – Perfect score
Jack Langan – Male Voice
Julija Lemenaite – Violin
Marissa Leo – Treble Ensemble
Monica Lim – String Ensemble (2)
Emily Little – Trombone
Kaylee McCarthy – Trombone
Matt McCoy – Saxophone Ensemble
Anthony McMahon – Saxophone Ensemble
Adam Mills – Trombone
Bryan Monk – Violin (1) & String Ensemble (1) – BEST OF DAY
Matt Monk – Cello (1) & String Ensemble (2) – BEST OF DAY
Liam Morgan – Cello
Lauren O’Neil – Violin
Nick Pantazopoulos – String Ensemble
Jeremy Pike – French Horn
Abby Pfeiffer – String Ensemble – BEST OF DAY
Kaleb Pfotenhauer – String Ensemble
Brendan Quealy – Male Voice
Nate Rapach – Trumpet
Caleb Schmurr – Trombone
Allie Sheetz – Flute
Amelia Smerz – Cello
Kadance Taba – Tuba (1) – Perfect score & Tuba Ensemble (1)
Jennifer Vetrone – Trumpet
Emily Wilson – Percussion Ensemble
Bre Yano – Flute
Fred Zimmerman – Male Voice

The following North High Music Events received a “Division II—Excellent” rating:

David Atwater - Horn Ensemble
Jack Barkei – Viola
Cassandra Broholm – Horn Ensemble
Arianna Calleja – Trumpet
Fiona Cismesia – Violin
Becky Donnelly – Flute
Georgia Gregory – Horn Ensemble
Gavin Harker – Trumpet
Beth Jensen – String Ensemble
Tatiana Jordan – Female Voice
Fiona Kelly – Violin
Gina Kowalewicz – Flute
Marissa Leo – Female Voice
Madi Lynch – Violin (1) & String Ensemble (1)
Elizabeth McNamara – Female Voice
Maggie Nevrly – Viola
Nick Pantazopoulos – Violin
Kaleb Pfotenhauer – Violin
Chandana Sooranahalli – String Ensemble
Samantha Young – Cello