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Monday, April 14, 2014

D99/BB Exchange goes on the road.

Our friends from Beitigheim-Bissingen traveled today to experience the gracious hospitality and musicianship from the students and staff at  Lincoln-Way Central High School.

The recorder orchestra participated in clinics and workshops with Laura Kuhlman, the current president of the American Recorder Society, and with Glen Shannon, internationally acclaimed recorder composer and performer.  After the time of the learning, the BB Recorder Orchestra performed for the Lincoln-Way Central Wind Ensemble.

The Guitar Orchestra spent time rehearsing and then shared the stage with the Lincoln-Way Central Guitar Studio Ensemble.  A favorite moment of the day was a spontaneous international guitar jam session which took place right after the performance.

The Orchestra performed for the Lincoln-Way Central HS Orchestra, ending with a fabulous vocal feature.

After the morning of music, the Lincoln-Way staff treated our German friends to a pizza lunch before sending us on our way back to Downers Grove.

Special thanks to Stacy Williams-Jackson and the Lincoln-Way Central music team for their rich hospitality today.  The world was made a smaller place today through the exchange of culture and music.