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Thursday, February 23, 2012

DGN Vocal Fest 2012

Students in the DGN Choral Program were immersed today in a series of performance clinics with a panel of Chicago's most respected vocal music educators. Dozens of students prepared literature for this special event and performed for classmates as well as our guest adjudicators.

The most outstanding performers will be recognized through an invitation to perform in the 2012 District 99 Honors Vocal Recital.

Congratulations to the following student musicians who were invited to the "run off" performances this afternoon:

Samantha Barry
Elizabeth Brunell
Anna Burton
Devin Collett
Rachel Davis
Caitlin Doak
Abby Hodonicky
Madelaine Isobal
Jensen/Webster Duet
Frannie Jones
Connor Leigh
Luby/Shaat/Zimmerman Trio
James Parsons
Eareen Yambao
Lydia Zimmerman